Management Company on behalf of the Ministry of Transport & Road Safety

Dana Engineering has been providing management services to the Ministry of Transport & Road Safety on various transportation projects in the northern Galilee and the Golan Heights, from the initial design stage through project handover to the local municipal authority at the end of construction.

This work covers dozens of projects in the planning and execution stages each year. These are small-scale but highly complex projects due to the dense environment in which they are executed and the characteristics of the populations along them.


Since beginning this work, Dana Engineering has managed the design and construction of more than 150 projects.

Value of construction: .
NIS 500 million
Construction period:
Ministry of Transport & Road Safety
Projects in design:
Dana Engineering is expediting the planning of approx. 60 projects simultaneously, starting with the initial planning stage, in coordination with the Ministry of Transport & Road Safety and local authorities.
Manages contracts with numerous designers and consultants in the fields of traffic and roadway design, electricity and lighting, soils, landscape, hydrology, safety, laboratories and others (we have managed more than 400 contracts since we began this activity).
The submittal of budget requests for construction following completion of detailed design including receipt of approvals from local authorities and utilities.
Projects in construction:
Dana Engineering is providing comprehensive project management on approx. 70 projects simultaneously through handover to the [relevant] authority.
Annual value of construction – approx. NIS 100 million

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